1st EuCC-Symposium
Friday, February 4, 1994

14:00 - 18:00
Workshop Gene Therapy
Großer Hörsaal Medizinische Universitätsklinik, Freiburg

Greeting Address:
Prof. Dr. M. Brandis, Dean of the Medical Faculty Albert-Ludwigs-Universität
Prof. Dr. J.P. Obrecht, President EuCC

Dr. C. Gimmi
"The role of B7/CD28 interaction in T cell activation and anergy"

PD Dr. C. Rochlitz
"Transfection of cytokine genes into allogeneic/xenogeneic cells: a new strategy of tumor vaccination"

Dr. H. Hirsch
"The v-H-ras ancogenes as a target for antisense RNA-lessons from an Interleukin-3 autocrine tumor model"

PD Dr. A. Lindemann
"Gene therapy: strategies in tumor therapy"

Dr. A. Mackensen
"Human tumor-specific T-Lymphocytes in malignant melanoma"

Dr. H. Veelken
"Fibroblasts as targets for gene therapy"

Dr. F. Rosenthal
"Cytokine gene transfer in tumor cells: preclinical models"

Dr. M. Courtney
"Lung cancer gene therapy: in vivo gene transfer using a replication-defective adenovirus vector"

Dr. P. Basset
"Target genes for breast cancer therapy"

Prof. Dr. J.P. Behr
"Synthetic gene transfer vectors"

Dr. O. Feugeas
"Tumor targeting of autologous monocyte/macrophage in vivo in human cancer, after transfection with a reporter gene"

18:00 - 18:30
Lichthof der Medizinischen Universitätsklinik

18:30 - 19:30
Business Session
Großer Hörsaal Medizinische Universitätsklinik

Joint projects: Gene therapy
Stem cell therapy


Hôpital Civil
1, Place de l'Hôpital

10:00 Opening ceremony Pr. Vincendon, Pr. Marescaux, Pr. Obrecht

First session: Chairmen: Pr. Mertelsmann, Pr. Oberling

10:15 p 53 ant ist effectors, MDM 2 and TF II H. B. wasylyk, L. Andera, M-C Dubs, T. Leveillard, L. IGBMC, Illkirch, FRANCE

10:40 cAMP and Ca ++ mediated gene regulation in endocrine tumors. C. Gaiddon, M. Antoine, J.P. Löffler. Lab. Physiologie Générale, ULP, URA 1146 CNRS, Strasbourg, France.

11:05 Carcinoembryonic antigen family members modulate tumor growth and progression. J.Thompson, M. Ditler, B. Erhard, S. von Kleist, W. Zimmermann. Institute of Immunobiology, Freiburg, Germany.

11:30 11:45 BREAK

11:45 Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase : a molecular nick - sensor. J. Menissier de Murcia, M. Molinette, V. Schreiber, D. Hunting, B. Gowans, C. Trucco, C. Niedergang, G. de Murcia. Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg. UPR 9 003 CNRS, Illkirch, France.

12:10 Activation state and antigen specificity of human tumor infiltrating lymphocytes : a study in metastatic melanoma. G.C. Spangnoli, T. Kocher, U. Luscher, M.Zuber, A. Juretic, C. Schaeffer, T. Willimann, F. Harder, M. Heberer. Surgical Research Lab., Z.L.F. Basel, Switzerland.

12:35 Vaccination with interleukin-2 gene transfected fibroblasts and autologous tumor cells for refractory malignancy. A phase I clinical trial. H. Veelken, M. Lamm, U. Brennscheidt, B. Franke, A. Mackensen, F.M. Rosenthal, R. Mertelsmann, A. Lindemann. Department of International medicine. Freiburg University Medical Center. Freiburg, Germany.

13 - 14:30 LUNCH

Third Session: Chairmen: Pr. Herrmann, Pr. Fuchs

14:30 Simultaneous assessment of five putative drug resistance (DR) parameters : MDR1/p - glycoprotéine (Pgp), MDR - associated protein (MRP), glutathion S transferase (GST), BCL-2 and topoisomerase II alpha (TOPO II alpha) in 57 newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia's (AML). A. Lohri, B. von Hille, M. Bacchi, M. Fopp, M.F. Fey, F. Joncourt, Th. Cerny, R. Herrmann. Depts. of Research, University Clinicals, Basel and Bern and the Swiss Group for clinical Cancer research (SAKK) Bern, Switzerland.

14:55 Hox genes in vertebrate development and evolution. M. Mark, F. Rijli, T. Lufkin, P. Chambon. IGBMC, Illkirch, France.

15:20 Detection of circulating antibodies against the celular ancoproteins cyclin E and mdm 2 in the serum of cancer patients. M. humar, M. Mundt, B. Groner. Institute for Experimental Cancer Research. Tumor biology Center, Freiburg, Germany.

15:35 Site specific regulation of cell adhesion in human colon cancer. C. Wilmanns, S. Eggstein, G. Manthey, B.U. von spehct, E.H. Farthmann. Abt. Allg. Chirurgie mit Poliklinik. Freiburg, Germany.

15:50 CD44 isoforms in breast carcinomas. Relationship with metastasis. N. Guriec, L. Marcellin, B. Gairard, H. Calderoli, A. Wilk, R. Renaud, J.B. Bergerat, F. Oberling. Institut de Recherche en Hématologie - Strasbourg France.

16:05 Identification of four novel human genes amplified and over expressed in breast carcinomas and located within the q11 - q21.3 region of chromosome 17. C. Tomasetto, C. Regnier, C. Moog-Lutz, M-G Mattei, M-P Chenard, J-P Bellocq, R. Lidereau, P. Basset, M-C Rion. IGBMC, Illkirch, France.

16:20 Molecular alterations of human head and neck cancer. D. Muller, R. Million, M. Eber, G. Methlin, J. Abecassis. Laboratoire de Biologie Tumorale Centre Paul Strauss, Strasbourg, France.

16:35 - 17:00 BREAK

Fourth Session: Cairmen: Mme le Pr. von Kleist, Pr. Methlin

17:00 In vitro modulation of the efficiency of antitumor drugs by 6 (5H) phenanthridinone a new poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor. D. Weltin, K. Aupeix, J.M. Cuilerot, J. Marchal, P. Dufour, I. Chibane, P. Bischoff. Institute d'Hématologie et d'Immunologie, Strasbourg, France.

17:15 p 53 profil of activation in normal human fibroblasts submitted to Uvc irradiation. J. Cerailine, J.M. Limacher, C. Klein-Soyer, F. Noel, C. Orvain, B. Duclos, G. Deplanque, J.E. Kurtz, A. Hajri, M. Grunert, J.P. Bergerat. IRCAD, Strasbourg, France.

17:30 Molecular approaches in the therapy of chronic myelogenous leukemia. C.F. Waller, R. Mertelsmann, W. Lange. Medizinische Universitätsklinik, Abt. Haematologie/Onkologie, Freiburg, Germany.

17:45 CsA, FK 506 and rapamycin inhibit IL - 3 m RNA expression and proliferation of autocrine mastocytomas. R. Banholzer, A. Nair, C. Moroni. Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie der Universität Basel, Switzerland.

18:00 Interaction of IL - 10 with ist receptor leads to the activation of STAT 1, STAT 3 and STAT 5 and the formation of multiple DNA binding complexes. R.M. Weber-Nordt, J. Wehinger, F. Gouilleux, B. Groner, R. Hentschler, R. Mertelsmann. Department of Hematology, Albert-Ludwigs-University and Tumor biology center, Freiburg, Germany.

18:15 End of symposium.

3rt EuCC-Symposium
Friday, June 14, 1996
(close to Basel)

    Session I
Chairpersons: J.P. Bergerat, R. Herrmann

Cart 1, a novel member of the tumor necrosis factor associated protein family is overexpressed in breast cancer
C.H. Regnier, Illkirch


ErbB2 and EGFR as targets for inhibiting tumor cell growth
N. Hynes, Basel


Keynote lecture
Molecular basis for new therapeutic options in breast cancer.
C. Benz, Cancer Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco





Molecular aspects of antiestrogen efficacy in human breast cancer patients
H. Müller, Basel


BRCA1 mutations and early onset breast cancer
R. Scott, Basel


Session II
Chairpersons: R. Mertelsmann, P. Dufour


Flt3 tyrosine kinase receptor ligand and a failure of hematopoiesis
A. Wodnar-Filipowicz, Basel


Modulation of apoptosis during haematopoietic cell differentiation
R. Weber-Nordt, J. Finke, Freiburg


Ex vivo expansion of peripheral blood stemm cells with antisense oligonucleotide anti
M. Gross, Strasbourg

13.05   Lunch

Tumor cell depletion during ex vivo expansion of haematopoietic stem cells
A. Spyridonidis, R. Henschler, Freiburg


Mobilization of Philadelphia-chromosome negative haematopoietic progenitors in CML patients in early chronic phase
C. Waller, W. Lange, Freiburg


Mutation hot spots sequences as molecular targets for detecting point mutations within a genome
D. Burnouf, M. Nothisen, J. Wagner, R. Fuchs, Illkirch


Role of basement membrane molecules in normal and cancer intestinal cell differentiation
M. Kedinger, Strasbourg

15.30   break

Session III
Chairpersons: S. von Kleist, Ch. Moroni


Molecular cytogenetics of urinary bladder cancer progression
G. Sauter, Basel


Loss of expression of the CEA family members CGM2 is an early event in colon tumorigenesis
J. Thompson, W. Zimmermann, M. Seitz, M. Ditter, B. Fischer, C. Gespach, Freiburg


From transcription to skin cancer: TF II H, a factor involved in transcription, DNA repair and cell cycle regulation
J.-M. Egly, Illkirch


Protein-tyrosine kinases: targets for the design of new anti-tumor agents
E. Buchdunger, Basel


Differentiation and functional characterization of dendritic cells
A. Mackensen, H. Veelken, A. Lindemann, Freiburg


Local and systemic effects of intratumoral injection of human IL-2 transduced Vero-cells
C. Rochlitz, Basel

R. Herrmann, Ch. Moroni, Basel

General Information:
The 3rd annual meeting will take place in Augst in the "Castelen Gut". Augst is a little village close to Basel (see enclosed map).

Hotel Reservation (to be managed by yourself):
As at the same time the ART fair is taking place in Basel, it will be very difficult to find an accomodation. Therefore we booked a few rooms in the following hotel: Park-Hotel am Rhein, CH-4310 Rheinfelden, Roberstenstr. 31, Tel. (#41 61) 836 66 33, FAX (#41 61) 836 66 34.

The reservation will expire on May 20, therefore please book immediately!
(Also individual booking possible with Basler Hotelreservation, Postfach, CH-4021 Basel. Only written application acceptable, no phone call! FAX (#41 61) 686 21 84).

Registration (free of charge):
Your written registration in advance will be indispensable and highly appreciated as the number of participants is limited. Please use the enclosed registration sheet (suitable for FAX and mail). Deadline: May 28, 1996.

Equipment: Overhead and slide projection available.

For further information please contact the secretariat of Prof. R. Herrmann: Mr. A. Haag Tel. (+41 61) 265 50 75.

We would like to thank the following Sponsors:

Bristol-Myers Squibb AG

Mundipharma Pharm. Co.

Ciba-Geigy Ltd.

Pharmacia & Upjohn AG

Eli Lilly (Suisse) SA

Rhône-Poulenc Rorer SA

Essex Chemie AG

Sandoz-Wander Pharma AG

Glaxo-Wellcome AG

SmithKline Beecham AG

Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Wyeth-Lederle (AHP)

Janssen-Cilag AG

Zeneca AG

4th EuCC - Meeting
Freiburg June 06, 1997 "Historisches Kaufhaus"


09.10 - 09.30h
Induction of tumoricidal immune responses in vitro upon
stimulation with non-replication recombinant vaccinia virus
P. Zajac

09.30 - 09.45h
New deletion in low-grade oligodendroglioma at the
glioblastoma suppressor locus on chromosome 10q25-26
A . Merlo

09.45 -10.00h
Biological effects of gene therapy with IL-2
transfected xenogenic cells
C. F. Rochlitz

10.00 - 10.15h
Fas-FasL interaction: Novel aspects in tumor-establishment
and rejection
S. Hahn

10.15 - 10.30h
Identification and characterisation of activated and suppressed
genes by differential display in a haemopoietic tumor model
M. Buess

10.30 - 11.00h Coffee break

Chair: C. Peters - C.F. Rochlitz
11.00 - 11.25h
Anti B cell tumor therapy using immunoglobulin recombinant
vaccinia virus
S. Ben Ammar

11.25 - 11.50h
Gene therapy of metastatic and non-metastatic animal and
human cancers
M. Mehtali

11.50 - 12.05h
Neoplasm of the hematopoietic organ in Drosophila
M. Meister

12.05 - 12.20h
Genetically engineered dendritic cells by adenovirus
mediated gene transfer
J.M. Cuillerot

12.20 - 12.35h
P 53-dependent apoptosis does not predict chemosensitivity
in an in-vitro model
G. Deplanque

12.35 - 14.00h Lunch - Discussion

Chair: R. Herrmann - P. Basset
14.00 - 14.15h
Generation of Proteinase Deficient Mouse Strains for the study of
Tumor Progression and Metastasis
C. Peters

14.15 - 14.30h
The role of cea family members in lymphocyte-tumor interaction
R. Kammerer

14.30 - 14.45h
Behaviour of longterm repopulating hematopoietic stem cells
during ex vivo expansion
R. Henschler

14.45 - 15.00h
Gene transfer into human dendritic cells derived from CD34+
hematopoietic progenitor cells for cancer immunotherapy
B. Albrecht

15.00 - 15.15h Coffee break

15.15 - 15.30h
Amplification of Tumor Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes by
Immunization with Autologous Tumor Cells and Interleukin-2 Gene
Transfected Fibroblasts
A. Mackensen

15.30 - 15.45h
Aberrant cell growth, and transcriptional repression mediated
by avian winged helix transcription factors CWH-1, CWH-2
and CWH-3
B.S. Freyaldenhoven

Coffee break

16.30 - 17.30h Business Meeting at "Kaminsaal"

18.00h - Dinner


Friday, June 11, 1999
Augst (near Basel), Landgut Castelen

09.15 Coffee and "Gipfeli"

09.55 Introduction and Wellcome

Ch. Moroni

Session I
Chairpersons: P. Dufour, Ch. Moroni

Generation of HLA-DR restricted T cells recognizing MAGE-3 epitopes

G. Spagnoli, Basel

Murine dentritic cells genetically engineered to express muc1 and IL-2 induce CTL and protect C57BI/6 against a tumor challenge

J.M. Cuillerot, Strasbourg

Human hematopoiesis studied by repopulation of NOD/SCID mice

U. Kapp, Freiburg

Cyclosporin A suppresses the expression of a hematopoietic
growth factor, flt3 ligand
A. Wodnar-Filipowicz, Basel

Role of death-receptors/-ligands in IFNa-induced regression of basaI cell carcinoma

P. Erb, Basel

Genetic approaches to decipher the cytidine metabolism in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae model

J. F. Kurtz, Strasbourg

12.00 BUFFET-LUNCH (12.00 - 13.45)

Session II
Chairpersons: R. Mertelsmann, J. P. Bergerat

HT1080 mutants with a defect in rapid IL-3 mRNA turnover: a model for mouse hematopoietic tumors

G. Stöcklin, Basel

14.05 Genes on chips: applications of transcript imaging to cancer research
U. Certa, Basel

Tissue chips for high throughput molecular analysis of tumors

G. Sauter, Basel

Presence of high levels of MT1-MMP protein located to fibroblastic
cells of human invasive carcinomas
M.-P. Chenard, Strasbourg

Resistance to endotoxic shock as a consequence of defective NF-kB activation in poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase deficient mice

J. Oliver, Strasbourg

Gene copy dosage of the decoy receptor DcR3 and of the
18q21 Smad genes in colorectal cancer
G. Mild, Basel


Session III
Chairpersons: R. Herrmann, S. von Kleist

Significance of the CEA promoter for the gene therapy of adenocarcinomas and development of animal models for optimising CEA-dependent tumour therapeutic strategies

J. Thompson, Freiburg

The G2/M block induced by UVc or g-radiation is not overriden by caffeine in normal human fibroblasts (NHFs)

M.C.M. Mah-Becherel, Strasbourg

The inhibition of DEVD-sensitive caspases orients apoptosis induced by ionizing radiation towards necrotic cell death

D. Coelho, Strasbourg

Prospects for the use of isolated extracellular matrix (iECM) to study three-dimensional host-tumor interactions

R. Kammerer, Freiburg

The role of telomeres and telomerase for replicative aging and
genetic instability
U. Martens, Freiburg

In vivo evidence that the stromelysin-3 metalloproteinase contributes
in a paracrine manner to epithelial cell malignancy
M.-C. Rio, Strasbourg

Summary and conclusions

R. Herrmann, Basel

7th EUCC Meeting
Clinical and Experimental Oncology
Freiburg 12.05.2000

Opening Remarks

Tumor Immunology and Pathophysiology
Chair: C. Moroni, R. Mertelsmann, P. Dufour

Modulation of dendritic cell phenotype by melanomas in vitro results in des novo expression of E-Cadherin and upregulation of CD15.
E. Padovan, L. Terraciano, Ch. Noppen, P. Zajac, M. Heberer and G.C. Spagnoli, Basel

Naturally processed and concealed HLA-A2.1 restricted epitopes from tumor associated antigen tyrosinase-related protein-2.
C. Noppen, F. Lévy, L. Burri, P. Zajac, E. Remmel, C. Schaefer, U. Lüscher, M. Heberer, G.C. Spagnoli, Basel, Lausanne.

Defective jak-stat signal transduction pathway in melanoma cells resistant to growth inhibition by interferon alpha.
A. Pansky, P. Hildebrand, E. Fasler-Kann, L. Baselgia, S. Ketterer, C. Berlinger and M.H. Heim, Basel

Transcriptional regulation of osteoblast development.
F. Otto, M. Stock, B. Vonderstraß, I. Quack, Freiburg.

Crystal Structure of stromelysin-3 catalytic domain inhibited by a phosphinic inhibitor.
A.L. Gall, M. Ruff, R. Kannan, I. Stoll, V. Dive, M.C. Rio, P. Basset and D. Moras, Illkirch, Gif/Yvette

Inhibition of intestinal Carcinogenesis by resveratrol, a natural component of grapes and red wines.
Y. Schneider, B. Duranton, F. Vincent, L. Badolo, F. Gosse, R. Schleiffer, N. Seiler and F. Raul, Strasbourg.

Platelet factor 4 (PF4) chemosensitivity modulation of CD34+ cord blood cells treated with aracytin, bleomycin and etoposide.
A. Grosse, V. Holl, M. Alemany, P. Bischoff, M. Lessard, J.P. Caen and P. Dufour, Strasbourg, Paris.

Detection of oncogene alterations and defective mismatch repair proteins in ovarian carcinoma by immunohistochemistry and fluorescence in situ hybridizytion on tumor microarrays.
H. Moch, P. Schraml, A. Raggi, A. Puhl, O.R. Köchli, J. Rüschoff, O.P. Kallioniemi, G. Sauter, M.J. Mihatsch and J. Torhorst, Basel, Bethesda, Kassel.

Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment
Chair: R. Herrmann, C. Peters

Adenoviral gene transfer for the intraperitoneal gene therapy of metastatic ovarian cancer.
D.G. Kieback, Freiburg

Recombinant idiotype vaccines for the treatment of NHL.
H. Veelken, F. Osterroth, P. Fisch, Freiburg.

Retroviral transduction, integration site analysis and tracking of repopulating hematopoietic progenitor cells.
C. Kalle, M. Schmidt, P. Zickler, G. Hoffmann, M. Wiesler, S. Haas, C. Speckmann, N. Lemke, A. Müssig and R. Mertelsmann, Freiburg, Bethesda.

Correction of murine mucopolysaccharidosi VI by in vitro retroviral gene transfer.
S. Biester, M. v. Hornung, M. Pauly-Evers, E. Martinez and C. Peters, Freiburg, Basel.

Loci involved in the tumor progression of bladder cancer were obtained by allelotyping of exfoliated cells in the urine sediment, at diagnosis and during follow-up.
A. Schneider, S. Borgnat, H. Lang, O. Regine, C. Saussine, D. Jacqmin, M.P. Gaub and p. Oudet, Strasbourg.

DcR3 is a predictive factor in the adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer.
J.L. Boulay, G. Mild, J. Reuter, L. Terracciano, A. Lowy, F. Gudat, U. Mezger, U. Laffer, B. Stamm, S. Martinoli, R. Herrmann and C. Rochlitz, Basel, Bern.

EuCC 8th annual Meeting



09:15 Registration and coffee

09:45 Welcome and introduction (J-P. Bergerat)

10:00 - 12:00 Session I (R. Herrmann and P. Dufour, chairpersons)

Characterization of chromosome 3q amplifications in early disease head and neck squamous cell carcinomas by combination of transcriptional analysis and high resolution CGH

R. Redon, T. Hussenet, D. Muller, J. Abecassis and S. du Manoir (Strasbourg)

SPARC-like (SPARCL1), a gene often deleted in NSCLC patients

S. G. Isler, S. Schenk and C. U. Ludwig (Basel)

Characterization of MLN51, a novel gene overexpressed in breast cancer

S. Degot, C-H. Régnier, C. Wendling, C. Tomasetto and M-C. Rio (Strasbourg)

Analysis of qualitative and quantitative modifications in gene expression associated with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
J. Young, F. Lemaire, A. Cromer, C. Wasylyk, P. Marchal, C. Thibault, R. Millon, I. Schultz, D. Muller, J. Abecassis and B. Wasylyk (Strasbourg)

Identification of modifying factors of the FAP disease expression in patients with a known APC mutation

M. Plasilova, N. Bösch, H. Muller and Z. Dobbie (Basel)

Phenotypic characterization of TRAF4-deficient mice
C-H. Régnier, V. Kédinger, I. Stoll, M-P. Chenard, C. Tomasetto and M-C. Rio (Strasbourg)

Presentation of BioValley Upper Rhine (S. Schott)

12:15 14:00 Lunch at the Cave historique des Hospices de Strasbourg

14:00 15:40 Session II (M-C. Rio and C. Moroni, chairpersons)

Loss of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 delays the onset of tumor formation in p53-deficient mice

J. Ménissier-de Murcia, C. Conde, M. Mark, F. J. Olivier, A. Huber and G. de Murcia (Strasbourg)

To be or not to be or how do Bcl-2 family members control cell survival and death

C. Borner (Freiburg)

Telomeres and telomerase : potential clinical applications

S. Zimmermann, S. Glaser, R. Ketteler, W. Lange, U. Klingmüller and U. Martens (Freiburg)

15 :00
Diffusible brachytherapy (dBT) with the locally injected peptidic vector (90Y)-DOTATOC stops progression and may control radically resected gliomas of WHO grades II-III

S. Hofer, T. Schumacher, K. Eichhorn, M. Wasner, O. Gratzl, J. C. Reubi, H. R. Maecke, J. Mueller-Brand and A. Merlo (Basel, Berne)

Tumor suppression by the RNA-binding protein Tristetrapolin

G. Stoecklin and C. Moroni (Basel)

15:40 Coffee-Break

16:00 - 17:30 Session III (R. Mertelsmann and J-P. Bergerat, chairpersons)

Growth factor treatment stimulates multiple self-renewal divisions of human lympho-myeloid repopulating cells in short-term culture but results in an engraftment defect in NOD/SCID mice of stem cells in the S/G2/M phases of the cell cycle

H. Glimm, C. v. Kalle and C. J. Eaves (Freiburg, Vancouver)

Interleukin-6 inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation and stimulates cell migration: the contribution of Stat3, MAPK and EGF receptor

.Badache and N. E. Hynes (Basel)

Vascular targeting of antigens to lymph nodes

M. Trepel, W. Arap and R. Pasqualini (Freiburg, Houston)

Immunotherapy directed against a-fetoprotein results in autoimmune liver disease during liver regeneration

M. Geissler, L. Mohr, G. Köhler, F. von Weizsacker and H. E. Blum (Freiburg)

17:30 Conclusions and remittance of the Paul Basset Award of 500 Euro to a young (under 35) scientist for the best presentation

18:00 End of the 8th EuCC annual Meeting

9th EuCC Meeting - BASEL

Session I
Chairpersons: J.P. Bergerat, C. Moroni

Endotoxin "free" hsp70 displays antigen presentation properties but fails to induce APC activation
D. Hanau, H. Bausinger, D. Lipsker, U. Ziylan, S. Manié, J.-P. Briand, J.-P. Cazenave, S. Muller, J.-F. Haeuw, C. Ravanat, H. de la Salle, Strasbourg

Recognition of lymphoma cells by human gd T lymphocytes
P. Fisch, A. Moris, A. Buchwald, S. Kock, H. Wiendl, S. Stefanovic, H. G. Rammensee, Freiburg

Immune responses induced by recombinant vaccinia virus based immuno-gene therapy in metastatic melanoma patients
M. Bolli, P. Zajac, D. Oertli, W. Marti, M. Adamina, M. Heberer, G. Spagnoli

A phase I trial of a recombinant idiotype vaccine for active immunization against refractory NHL
H. Veelken, K. Mauerer, C. F. Waller, E. Eckermann, F. Simon, F. Osterroth, Freiburg

11.00 break

Session II
Chairpersons: P. Fisch, B. Wasylyk

Molecular testing of people at risk for bladder cancer
C. Stemmer, P. Gimel, A. Schneider, H. Lang, P. Oudet, D. Jacqmin, Strasbourg

A yeast functional assay to detect mutant androgen receptor in prostate cancer
J. Céraline, E. Erdmann, M. Deslandres-Cruchant , P. Erbs, D. Jacqmin, B. Duclos, J. Abécassis, D. Muller, C. Klein-Soyer, P. Dufour, JP. Bergerat, Strasbourg

DOTA-a-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogs for metastatic melanoma imaging
S. Froidevaux, M. Calame-Christe, H. Tanner, A. N. Eberle

Chemokine receptors, "nurse-like" cells and marrow stromal cells in the homing and homeostasis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells
J. A. Burger, Freiburg

Evidence for retroviral and lentiviral vector integration into repopulating hematopoietic stem cells of large animals and humans
M. Schmidt, A. Muessig, P. Horn, H. Glimm, M. Wissler, K. Olsson, N-B. Woods, F. Santoni de Sio, St. Sellers, J.F. Tisdale, C.E. Dunbar, St. Karlsson, L. Naldini, H-P. Kiem, C. von Kalle, Freiburg

12.45 lunch

Session III
Chairpersons: R. Herrmann, H. Veelken

Cell adhesion, tumor invasion, and metastasis
U. Cavallaro, M. Herzig, J. Niedermeyer, M. Fuxa, M. Novatchkova, I. Crnic, B. Schaffhauser, F. Savarese, G. Christofori

In-vitro differentiation of homozygous Pbx1 knock-out ES cells: A potential system to study structure function relationship of the Pbx1-homeoboxprotein in cellular differentiation
A.S. Jürgens, M.K. Kolanczyk, J.S. Scheele, Freiburg

The intestinal Cdx1 homeobox gene in human colorectal cancers
C. Domon-Dell, A. Schneider, M. Kedinger, P. Oudet, M-P. Gaub, J-N. Freund, Strasbourg

RUNX proteins in development and pathogenesis
F. Otto, Freiburg

Modifier gene analysis in a large familial adenomatous polyposis kindred
A. Russell, M. Plasilova, Z. Dobbie, HJ. Müller, K. Heinimann, Basel

15.25 break

Session IV
Chairpersons: G. Christofori, R. Mertelsmann

Negative cross-talk between the tumour suppressor p53 and the glucocorticoid receptor: Roles in neuroblastoma cells, response to hypoxia and stress erythropoiesis
B. Wasylyk, Illkirch

Expression and regulation in breast cancer of hBOK, a pro-apoptotic member of the BCL-2 gene family.
H. Zhang, Ch. De Geyter

Loss of ICBP90 cell cycle-dependent expression in tumoral cells: A marker of malignity
C. Bronner, R. Hopfner, M. Mousli, Illkirch