22th EuCC Symposium Friday, May 22, 2015, in Freiburg

Conference place

Dr. Nils Post
Tumorzentrum Freiburg
+49 761 270 71511


Tagungscenter ETAGE
Emmy-Noether-Str. 2
79110 Freiburg
Tel. 49 (0)761-79177-25
Fax 49 (0)761-79177-19


The 1th EuCC Symposium took place on February 04, 1994 at Freiburg University.
Thereafter, the Symposium was organized annually in turn by the member universities.
Die following Symposia have taken place:
2th EuCC Symposium 09.06.1995 in Strasbourg
3th EuCC Symposium 14.06.1996 in Basel
4th EuCC Symposium 06.06.1997 in Freiburg
5th EuCC Symposium 16.10.1998 in Strasbourg
6thEuCC Symposium 11.06.1999 in Basel
7th EuCC Symposium 12.05.2000 in Freiburg
8th EuCC Symposium 16.03.2001 in Strasbourg
9th EuCC Symposium 07.06.2002 in Basel
10th EuCC Syposium 16.05. 2003 in Freiburg with greeting address of the Vice President of Freiburg University
11th EuCC Syposium 14.05. 2004 in Strasbourg

12th EuCC Syposium 27.05. 2005 in Basel


13th EuCC Syposium 19.05. 2006 in Freiburg
14th EuCC Syposium 11.05. 2007 in Strasbourg
15th EuCC Syposium 23.05. 2008 in Basel
16th EuCC Syposium 15.05. 2009 in Freiburg
17th EuCC Syposium 07.05. 2010 in Strasbourg
18th EuCC Syposium 20.05. 2011 in Basel
19th EuCC Syposium 04.05. 2012 in Freiburg
20th EuCC Syposium in Strasbourg
21th EuCC Syposium 16.05. 2014 in Basel

Programs are shown by clicking on the respective symposium.